Press Release October 8, 2009

Shasta Crystals is Recognized as a New California 100 Business Innovator by Golden Capital Network and
Hamilton Lane

Source: Shasta Crystals
On Thursday, October 8, 2009

ANDERSON, CA – Shasta Crystals has been recognized as a New California 100 Innovative Business by Golden Capital Network and Hamilton Lane. New California 100 businesses are some of the most innovative companies in the state representing California’s commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship and workforce competitiveness.

Approximately 100 companies throughout the State of California received this prestigious recognition from over 400 nominations. New California 100 businesses are market leading technology companies who have been selected based on the uniqueness of their innovation, competitive advantages, and job and economic impact on California’s economy now and in the future.

“These innovators are powerful job creating machines,” said Jon Gregory, CEO/President of Golden Capital Network. “We believe innovation and entrepreneurship are the drivers of economic growth in California and these innovation All-Stars are models for our state.”

Shasta Crystals is a crystal growth company located in Northern California. Its versatile crystal growth technology allows the production of a wide variety of crystal products. Products include nonlinear optical crystals for visible lasers and YAG for infrared lasers. The Company was founded on the basis of proprietary technological breakthroughs that decrease process time, improve crystal quality and lower the cost of production.

Shasta Crystals
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